Offering a full range of planning and land development services

At Elrick & Co, we offer comprehensive planning and land development services for businesses, organisations, and individuals across various industries. Our team boasts a wealth of experience and success in delivering projects of all sizes and complexities. From small-scale two-lot subdivisions for residential properties to major land development projects for developers and multiple local and central government agencies, we have the expertise and know-how to deliver successful outcomes.

We understand that site investigation is a crucial step in any development project. Our team uses a thorough approach to investigate every aspect of your proposed construction or land use. This can include surveying the land, reviewing the land title and district plan, and identifying potential development restrictions that may apply. We pride ourselves on being able to identify further opportunities to develop the land for your consideration, while also uncovering any potential limitations or challenges that may arise during the development process.

Our development planning specialists have decades of experience in surveying, planning, and consent preparation delivery. We are committed to delivering tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether you need assistance with site investigations, resource consent applications, or subdivision consent applications, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

At Elrick & Co, we believe that effective communication and collaboration are key to delivering successful projects. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their needs and can provide them with the best possible outcomes. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your development planning needs.

Land Surveying & Resouce Management Expertise

We are proud to provide great outcomes for all matters relating to land, giving the same level of an unwavering attention to detail in all our projects and proving a small team that achieves big things.

Land Development & Surveying
Site surveying, infill development, green field development, brown field re-development, resource management planning
Resource Management Planning
Understanding resource management legislation and navigating council planning processes to feasibly reach your development objectives.

Who we help

With the capability and scale to meet any project, we have partnered with many to drive forward successful projects. With a wealth of experience, we can slot into the mix with: Land Developers, Rural Contractors, Architects, Builders & Construction Contractors.

Who we help
  • Jeremy and his team have gone above and beyond to help and guide the Canterbury A&P Association over the past 5 years. They have helped us transform our understanding of the Canterbury Agricultural Park site, providing innovative solutions for how we map out the largest event in the South Island, and advised us on the complex planning and leasing issues we have onsite. Jeremy and the team really care about making sure we are happy and always provide extra advice and support to the job in hand, really working with the team to ensure the best outcome.