We offer fully rounded planning and surveying services to ensure you achieve smarter project outcomes.

Ensuring you are fully informed from conception streamlines the process and paves the way for solutions.

Understanding resource management legislation and how it affects your development planning is one of our specialities. Navigating council planning processes can be challenging and time-consuming. We encourage you to involve us early in your land or billboard project planning and design, so we can understand your development objectives. We can then discuss feasibility, provide practical solutions from the relevant experts, and create a well-prepared proposal which achieves the outcomes you seek.
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Surveying involves being able to literally measure the lie of the land accurately and precisely and represent it in two- or three-dimensional formats. Conversely, surveying is also the art of interpreting two-dimensional designs and figures to be able to accurately transform them into three-dimensional physical form. We have experienced Licensed Cadastral and Certified Engineering Surveyors who can provide solutions to all your surveying requirements.
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Civil Engineering
In broad terms, civil engineering is the process of designing and managing the construction of new infrastructure. We are proud to work collaboratively with civil engineers from different disciplines, local and regional councils, private developers and contractors, on major projects throughout New Zealand. Our specialist knowledge and personal approach ensures your project is delivered on time, on budget and to an exceptional standard.

We will ensure no stone is left unturned and you have the perfect foundations to ensure success – on time and to an exceptional quality. Contact us today for a free consult on your next project.